Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Super Long Summary of The Past Weeks Events

Worst pet peeve = being cut off mid-sentence.

But otherwise my life has been so perfect lately. Like all of the sudden the clouds have opened up and poured goodness all over me. Think I'm being overdramatic? Well this is how my break went:

First week and a half : Chilling in the sun in Mexico and soaking in the relaxation
Day I get back (Thursday) : Axis and Allies party which then proceeded to hanging out and having amazing times. Then to end the awesome day I spent the night at my great friends house (Kyle).
Following day (Friday) : Wake up around lunchtime (12:00) and have some pot stickers for breakfast. Then learned how to play Ticket to Ride with Kyle's family, hung out a bit longer then went on over to Alex Nielsen's house. Spent the day gaming and pwning noobs. NBD. Finally ended the gaming around 6:30 Am the following day. Battlefield 3 was conquered. And it was time to sleep. As soon as the console was off my eyes slammed shut and I was out.
NEW YEARS DAY!!! (Saturday) : Woke up around lunchtime and proceeded to play a little bit of Bioshock. (Decently awesome game) Around two o' clock I thought it was about time to actually do something soooo Alex and myself went to the best most awesome store I know. Many of you do not know about it, but trust me, it is a wonderful place. It's a store full of the most delicious and awesome imported food. This place is known as Pirate O's. Go there. You wont regret it.
Anyways we got some dang amazing Irish butter and then continued home. After arriving home we decided it was time to party. After all it was NEW YEARS EVE!!!!! So you'll never guess what we did next. That's right, we went to Dereks and called Fletcher, Kyle, and Tanner Eastmond over. Then it was Super Smash Bro's time. Sadly I failed to keep up my rep as total Bad-A. But hey not everyone can hold on to that status..... unless your Chuck Norris.
Anyways then we all proceeded to Ms. Jill Loveridge was accompanied with many other people. Some of them being: Mckelle Shaw, Alec Powell, Cotton Fitszimmons, Crystal Wu, Etc... (Mostly just all the cool people from last year that I miss nearly everyday of my flippin life.)
We then played a game called Fugitive. Let's just say I won but I took a very roundabout way of doing so. /: (My legs are still sore from how long I ran) #SometimesIamsoDUMB
Sunday : Upon returning it was the NEW YEAR and we played a Curses. Poor Derek and Ms. Shaw were the most picked on children from this game.
Afterwards quite a few people left. But the rest of us just stayed and talked about our lives. I Love my friends so much (;
To make a long story short I stayed at Jill's till 6:00 in the morning. No way was I going to drive all the way home so I once again crashed at my friend Davids house with David and Derek.
We then slept until 3 PM the next day. It was the greatest. Woke up, ate some crepes then went on over to my dear dear friend Mckelle Shaws house (: There we played Super Mario Smash Bro's. not only did we play but we dominated that game. It was Mckelle, Alec, Derek, Cotton, and me and together we beat that game. No need to applaud. Later on Mckelle and myself had some wonderful discussions (; #Sheisthebest
Monday : Well I had to wake up early this day and it was not so great because I was not only having to wake up early but also because I had to clean a bathroom. But whatever. It got done fast so I just laid around the rest of the morning. That night Alex and Kyle came and we went to Fletchers house for his last night he would be here in Utah. We spent the beginning of that night eating delicious food and chillin in the hot tub. Full of watah.... haha
Later on all our female friends showed up and we decided to go to Mr. Bryce Feustons house. There we played Zombies and it was quite the epic stand off. Somehow I managed to survive till the end but alas I was no match for all my friends when they were looking to kill me. Upon completing these games we re-relocated back to Fletchers house where we began to watch Dr Horrible Sing Along. Needless to say that didn't last long especially because of the late hour (1:00 AM) So we all went home and it was a happy day.
Tuesday : Sadly I had to wake up at 6:30 for school and....meh. Waking up early is the WORST.
Anyways I made it all the way through third period and lunch but after that there was no keeping me at the school. Clyde and I headed back over to Fletchers where we ended up taking a much needed power nap. After waking up I realized that there was no way that I could go to work. So I called in "sick". >:D
Kyle ended up coming over a bit later and then more people followed suit. (Alex, Derek and Clark ) Then it was time to chow down on some delicious food. P.S. Fletchers mom makes the most delicious foods ever. We ate then of course invited all our dear female friends to come over and play some more Zombies. It was the greatest. Mckelle Shaw is basically a crazy zombie murderer and Alex Nielsen is one Zombie I wouldn't want to encounter. This continued on until we were all nearly dead. Then it was a great time of mourning because Fletch had to leave to catch his plane back to good ole virginia. I'm really gonna miss that kid.

So basically things are going way too wonderfully for me right now and I'm not quite sure on how anything could get better.