Thursday, March 10, 2011

Soda: The Exercise Killer

Alright it has come down to nearly a month till tour and I looked down at my stomach only to see a gut the size of a pregnant woman! Well maybe not quite that big but still it's no six pack aaannnd now that tour is literally around the corner I've realized that it's time to actually start working out again. Haha so after realizing this tonight I decided it'd probably be a good idea to actually not sit around on my behind.
Looking back at tonight I'm thinking that eating pizza and drinking like a bazillion cups of soda that it's probably not going to do anything to help me get what I'm working towards. Oh and soda after a workout helps to um.....rehydrate you right? Bwahaha I'm an idiot. Oh someday I believe soda will turn me into a giant carbonation and sugar filled whale. Just sayin.
On a much different note, I noticed throughout the day that I have recently developed a perv-stash. You all know what I'm talking about right? When there's just enough facial hair on your upper lip to create a shadow and all the creepers have one their proud of? Yep those. As soon as I realized that it had tried to take over my face I grabbed my razor and it was gone. Thank Moses for razors because without them well......lets not think about that.
So this morning best friend informs me that I was snoring like a foghorn last night. This made me laugh like a crazy person because I never snore. Well that's only partially true. I guess I snore when I'm sick. I realized that what he said was true when I felt like my throat had burnt to ash.
Oh and P.S. Times like these make me wish I still had my game it so I could play a nice game of Pokemon!!! Ya gotta love the classics :D

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