Monday, June 27, 2011

Where Am I?

Haha the title basically explains how I feel right now. Tomorrow morning I'll probably wake up having no idea where I am haha. But here's how today went down.
My mom woke me up this morning from an amazing dream (that I'm not going to explain) to remind me of my flight. I got up and put all my stuff together whilst feeling rather sad because I was leaving the Griffeths house. Haha I love Kyle and his family so much. But anyways I said my goodbyes and off I went to the airport. I then thanked Kyle's father for everything and left to get myself onto the plane. It's a frightening yet mildly interesting thingto take care of yourself at an airport for the first time. Makes ya feel real old and whatnot. Anyways I got all that taken care of and made my way onto my plane. Then came the long plane ride where I slept and listened to plenty of music. Oh and of course had one of those delicious bags of peanuts. Can't fly on a plane without one eating one of them. But the plane ride went by fast and soon I find out that I'm all the way across the country. My family quickly found me and we all left. The car ride home was long and interesting. When I got home there was an AMAZING sunset and the twilight after words was beautiful. Then to top it all off, tons and tons of lightening bugs came out of nowhere. I had totally forgotten about them. It was a night full of beauty in nature. But despite all this amazing stuff I still feel a bit of homesickness. Summer will pass quickly though and I'll soon be back with my friends :D

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