Monday, July 4, 2011

Unsettling News

Today was a very unusual day for me, and it didn't start out that way. No, it mostly happened when I was told this very thing that happens to scare me nearly to death. And it's not because I don't think I can do it..... Well that's a lie. I have nearly no way to be able to pull it off. Like nearly zero. You wanna know what it is? I was told that when I returned to Utah I would need to take care of myself. Which means growing up. Which means getting a job. Which means paying for my car and insurance and possibly even somewhere new to stay (if I can't handle my other place). These aren't all assumptions either because these were thugs I was told. And all this is mind blowing. Oh, and exceptionally frustrating. Along with this new thing who knows if I'll be able to keep all my elective classes. I'm very unsettled about all this right about now. The funny thing though is that I almost nearly saw this all coming. Now I just need to figure out what to do. Hhhhmmmmm.......?

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