Friday, February 25, 2011

The Beginning

Dear People of the Internet,
The title of this post is not really true, just so ya know. I actually began doing this a couple weeks ago but not on here because as Courtney Huffman noted I fail at setting things like this up haha. But below I'll put the four I've written on my Ipod. Try to enjoy >:D

1. Alright so the first one was titled "Internet Free Blog" because I had not planned to post this online buuuuut a few friends convinced me to do otherwise.

Internet Free Blog Feb. 16
Dear Everyone,
After watching all the greatest and most successful people make these darned blogs I have decided that it is indeed my duty to create one of my own. As of right now there is no power/electricity. Time to break out the candles baby! Haha I'm not gonna lie it's one of my most favorite things in the world. It is especially great because there is nearly no noise at all except for the wind rolling along the house making it sound like the whole thing might collapse haha. Right now I am just laying here on the couch contemplating the complexities that surround the topics that seem to be continually circling around my head like mini satellites. What might these be you ask? Well they are in fact the topic of love, crushes, and let us not forget, the emotion of feeling inferior compared to most everyone else. Now where to start is what I cannot decide on. Of course all these things interweave with each other creating a wonderful, yet terrible, circle of despair, triumph, and ultimate wonder. To try to answer one question brought about by my curious mind would only create many more in other areas expressed earlier. But for the sake of this great new project I will try :)
Ok ummm lets begin by looking at the topic of love. I like to, of course, think I know a thing or two about this emotion but I notice the more I try to take my own advice I give to others, it only backfires which in turn makes me feel more awkward than I already am. Ugh and then I look back of course and realize that I failed at that moment. Haha oh its great being able to critique yourself.
Anyways that brings me to my next topic. Crushes. Bwahaha I've had plenty of these. They seem to be the biggest heartache of the little sophomores but of course I'd never expect myself to feel like I have. Over a girl no less. Oh my this topic has too much for tonight though.
Moving onnnn.....
Let's see next is.... Ah it is that great old feeling of being nowhere near as good as another peer. It's just looking at them and seeing all the talent they possess and how they can just display it without obvious signs of.... whats the word....self consciousness? Haha oh this is quickly becoming the least cheerful blog ever. Um all I can say is that feeling is the worst. This feeling includes thinking you cannot compare or even work up to their level of skill and talent. Because of this there is an increase of being nervous and the whole nine yards.
But you know what is the greatest thing ever? Having super great friends like COURTNEY HUFFMAN :D (Shout out!)You all know who I'm talking about. Those people who you don't constantly over think on what you're going to say or even how to stand. You may think that's funny but it's true.
So I think this will be the end of this fantastic depressing beginning. Hope you enjoy hahaha >:D

P.S. Girls are definitely going to drive me crazier than I already am ;)

2. Alright so I don't exactly what my reason was for writing this next one.

Blagh Feb. 19
So today was an up and down, back and forth kind of day. It was bad, then went over to good, then back to bad (lingering there for awhile) floating back to good, then bordering embarrassment and laugh worthy and finally ending here. At bad. :P One friend explained to me that another friend explains that they are basically the better half and gets all the women (thanks man). (Now I never found out if this was true because I realized it didn't really matter) My workout felt like nothing was changing, and I only logged five hours of work. Either way, I think we can rename this day to The Totally Bipolar Day of the Week! :) I'm sure there will be more to come in the following weeks.

P.S. I have realized that after seeing and observing The Diary of Anne Frank, that I resemble Pehter in quite a few of his awkward ways of speaking, acting when around someone I am working to impress or someone i like. It's great.

3.This was obviously written after a long day and is probably quite dry....

Thirteen Hours of Work Feb. 20
I could honestly call this day one of the longest days I've had in a looong time. But it wasn't all that bad. With being able to think to myself for hours on end, i had the chance to think on a few things. And while spending forever long folding socks and watching T.V. i heard something I thought would be noteworthy. This lady said "If the impossible is achievable then I've really got to keep my fingers crossed for the impossible to come true for me." Mmmm wait after re-reading that I realize I must have changed it around somewhat in my head to fit a couple of situations I could think of. But hey, isn't that what everyone does when they hear something that makes them think? Either way, just like this random woman, from some show I happened to be watching, I've got to keep my fingers crossed and hope that the impossible may in fact have a way of happening.
If you thought in the previous paragraph I was referring to girls well, that was a good guess but I'm sorry to inform you that you are wrong. Ha no it had a whole lot to do with something completely different.
But anyways other things that came to my mind today..... Um I remembered how awesome lava lamps were and still are. Also I figured out I have only eight to ten hours of work left till I am finished paying for tour (Praise the Lord!!!) Um I don't really have anything to be complaining about. Oh Happy DAY :D

4. If your not feeling like reading any others the at least read this one. Oh and don't close your eyes or else you wont be able to read the story. You'll know what I mean when you get there.

Ugly Cats and The Twilight Princess Feb 21
You know, I've never really understood the apparent fetish some people have with shaving all the fur off their animals. It has to be one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen. Just imaging this for me (make sure to close your eyes).
Alright just imagine that you are all cuddled up warm in your bed asleep. Outside a relentless storm flashes light all around you in sudden bursts. Out of nowhere you begin to hear this deranged animal noise that awakens you. You wonder what it is, so you quickly climb out of bed and flip on the light. All is well while the lights are on right? Well as you walk closer and closer to the noise the lights begin to flicker and suddenly they burst all over you in a shower of sparks!!! Lucky for you, you wore your jeans to bed and your keychain is inside holding the teeny tiny light you bought for eight bucks at the gas station next to Disneyland. Anyways you continue on and the noise gets louder and louder until, out of nowhere the noise stops.... You slowly turn the corner to the kitchen and see the most hideous red and yellow eyes you've ever seen. The eyes turn to you and slowly they draw closer and closer to your frozen form. When the hideous beast is a few away you scream and drop your keychain holding the only light you had. There's no way of knowing what this monstrous thing is until all of the sudden the lights flicker back on. There you see the most hideous and gruesome thing you've ever seen! A hairless cat zombie that resembles a giant ugly mole rat! You faint because of the shock and horror and never come to know what happens to you. The End :D
Haha alright that may have been a little dramatic but honestly they are probably one of the most unattractive things I've seen in my lifetime.
Anyways.... after waking up excruciatingly early this morning to finish working for tour money, I decided to play the greatest game that has ever been invented. Can you guess what it is........... ZELDA!!!! Oh yes I was indeed playing Zelda: The Twilight Princess. It was great until I realized I had to leave Link to fight on his own while I had to go to the dentist :( No cavities. But no more Zelda or helping Link till I return to my dads house.

Haha I know I'm a nerd.

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