Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dragons Movies and Crazy Ladies

To those of you who have never seen Reign Of Fire, you are severly deprived from one of the greatest dragon movies of all time. It's kind of old but you should definitely check it out. Also while watching this movie you should consider eating something great liiiike waffles, brownies or a nice juicy steak.
Haha oh what a weekend it's been. I've gone from Spanish Fork to Lehi then up to South Jordan. Then because I forgot to grab some of my stuff at my moms house, I had to have Chandler drive me back up. The worst part of the whole thing though had to be asking his mom to let me and Chandler drive up there. I even told her I'd pay for gas and she still felt like she had to think about it. Ugh such a crazy lady she is! Hahaha

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